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Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of homogeneous cargo, generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container.

A truckload carrier is a trucking company that generally contracts an entire trailer-load to a single customer. This is as opposed to a less-than truckload (LTL) company that generally mixes freight from several customers in each trailer. One advantage Full Truckload carriers have over Less than Truckload carriers is that the freight is never handled en route, whereas an LTL shipment will typically be transported on several different trailers.

Specialty Worldwide Logistics uses the latest technology to stay up to date on capacity in the truck-load marketplace.  Our experts specialize in Truck rates, dispatch, and coverage.  With more than 20k carrier relationships, we give you the means to get your shipment where it needs to be.

Full truckload carriers normally deliver a semi trailer to a shipper who will fill the trailer with freight for one destination. After the trailer is loaded, the driver returns to the shipper to collect the required paperwork (i.e. Bill of lading, Invoice, and Customs paperwork) and depart with the trailer containing freight. In most cases the driver then proceeds directly to the consignee and delivers the freight him or herself. Occasionally, a driver will transfer the trailer to another driver who will drive the freight the rest of the way. Full Truckload (FTL) transit times are normally constrained by the driver’s availability according to Hours of Service regulations and distance. It is normally accepted that Full Truckload drivers will transport freight at an average rate of 47 miles per hour (including traffic jams or lines at intersections).

Because truckload carriers are asked to ship a wide variety of items, a truckload carrier will often specialize in moving a specific kind of freight. Some carriers will primarily transport food and perishable items, whereas others may specialize in moving poisonous and hazardous materials. Carriers will only transport specific freight because different equipment and insurance is needed for the different kinds. There are also federal laws stating which types of freight can be shipped together in the same trailer

Specialty Worldwide Logistics handles all types of truck-load shipments including:

  • Van

    • Our Vans works closely with customers whose transportation needs involve the use of mostly 53’ dry vans. Almost all van shipments are time sensitive, whether it is products for retail going to the consumer or products being warehoused for future distribution. We find out what our customers need and then work to provide a consistent solution that includes dedicated services.
  • Flatbed trucks

    • Our Flatbed Shipping we will not provide the cheapest freight rate, but we will secure a flatbed truck and proper load securing equipment with a safe and courteous driver to pick up and deliver your shipment on time. every time. For a competitive rate!
  • Specialty Service trucks

    • If you’re looking for specialty shipping services then look no further, because here at Specialty Worldwide Logistics. we have it covered. There are many different specialty shipping services we offer to our clients covering a whole array of industries, so if you require a specialty service don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a quote. Our great customer service and transportation expertise are just two reasons you should seriously consider us at Specialty Worldwide Logistics, Inc for your specialty shipping needs – we’ve got it all covered. We offer a medical shipping service – and we have vast experience of catering for the medical industry. We treat our clients on an individual basis, and we offer fantastic service at competitive rates. That’s not the whole story however, because at Specialty Worldwide Logistics, Inc. we have over 30 years industry experience – that’s a whole lot of knowledge you can tap into, knowledge that could be the difference between a hassle free shipment, and a shipment full of problems.

      No matter what the job, the chances are here at Specialty Worldwide Logistics. we’ve done something similar before, and that experience is a great way to ensure lessons are learnt – and more importantly our customers receive a flawless service first time, every time. We offer a refrigerated shipping service – which ensures your freight arrives at its destination at just the right temperature. Our refrigerated service is frequented by those who take advantage of our food shipping service, and produce shipping service – after all, bad produce is no use to anyone. Make sure your freight arrives in the condition it was sent – if it’s perishable take no chances, and be sure to use our refrigerated service. We offer special commodity shipping too – you’ll be hard pressed to find special shipping services we don’t cater for, and that’s why we believe we’re the best at what we do. Our experience is second to none, and it goes a long way in the successful transiting of your freight – which is great news for everyone.

      Don’t be fooled by those who claim to offer great service at cheap prices, because it often ends in disaster. Spend a little time looking round at the different shipping service options open to you, and you’ll soon see that accolades like the ones we sport are not easy to find. Industry experience of 30 years and 90% repeat customers are staggering figures – and we invite you to come and see why so many people have been so happy with us at Specialty Worldwide Logistics. If you’re interested in any of our specialty shipping services, please contact us either via phone, email or fax – we will be please to assist you in your search for a suitable shipping service. We’re confident you will be blown away by our service, just like the 90% of customers who come back time and again to use our freight shipping expertise. Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself.

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